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I'm a Software Engineer 📝⌨️, Back-End developer 🔧, Comic-book lover 💛, Software Engineer 📝⌨️, Back-End developer 🔧, Sketching apprentice ✏️

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I am Noe Luaces, software engineer based in Barcelona, Spain. I have a lot of experience designing and implementing API services, and currently microservices. My interests are related to functional programming and software architecture.





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✨Quality focus✨

Having a readable code increases its maintainability and future on-boarding processes. Using TDD for the test suite leads to a better design of the code and to reduce the cost of the project in production.


I'm curious about new technologies and I like to change tech stacks from time to time. I also like to understand better new concepts writing articles about them or explaining them to others.

💡Lateral thinking💡

When a change/refactor has to be made, I usually try to think all the possible scenarios that a new solution can bring to spot errors. I also try to look problems from different perspectives, to find the solution with less complexity.

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September 2020 - Present

Senior Software Engineer

This is my first experience working on a product company by refactoring of a Java monolith service into a Kotlin microservice, following SOLID principles, TDD and also contributing in CI/CD pipeline tasks like Jenkins configuration and Docker containers orchestrated by Docker compose. Taking advantage of my past experience as consultant, I have encouraged good coding practices and supported the team with a new language (Kotlin). Also, I've given support for architecture design and interactions between services maintaining the vision of a microservice architecture fault tolerant.

October 2018 - August 2020

Senior Software Consultant Developer

My main experience during this period was working on micro-services that used Spring Boot written in Kotlin + Arrow, following SOLID principles and TDD. Those practices were reflected delivering a robust, high quality product. I've worked with feature toggles, that helped to have Continuous Deployment. Regarding soft skills, I've gained experience through pair programming, giving/receiving feedback and mentoring other people. I was also part of the Tech Council, encouraging people to use new technologies reflected in ThoughtWorks Tech Radar. This experience gave me a broad vision of the different alternatives regarding technical tools.

February 2018 - September 2018

Senior Software Engineer

First experience working remotely full time. I was working in a technical project that required customizations for the Oracle API Gatekeeper following agile methodologies.

August 2015 - October 2016

Senior Software Engineer & Technical lead

I became the responsible of the technical solutions applied to the project during the new iterations. The project the implementation of workflows with JBPM.

May 2014 - August 2015

Senior Software Developer

This was my first experience as a full stack developer specialized in backend. I was participating on a project with a heavy client - server architecture, that its main purpose was to show the financial positions of the different financial products of the customer company. The webservice was written in Java, Spring and Hibernate; and the client was written in SWT and Spring.

February 2011 - May 2014

Software Developer

I was building a web application in GWT, Spring and Hibernate that was in charge of the lifecycle of the billing process from the orders generated by external providers, for a specific customer in the retail industry. I have also participated in the migration of a legacy web application into a different Websphere version.

May 2008 - February 2011

Software Developer

During this period I was working in a start-up specialized in customizing modules for Alfresco CMS and giving support to our clients while deepening my knowledge in Linux. I've also worked as a consultant for the Galician healthcare system. I've worked on building Liferay portals coding in Javascript and integrating them in Alfresco CMS.

November 2007 - May 2008

Junior Developer

My first job was also my first opportunity working in consultancy. I was building and testing new batch processes for a client related to banking.


Functional Programming Principles in Scala



Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

Universidade da Coruña (UDC)


Bachelor's Degree in Informational Technology Engineering in Computer Systems

Universidade da Coruña (UDC)


Lambda Violet

Lambda Violet


Lambda Violet's mission is to provide a platform to women who work developing software where they can publish technical articles related to functional programming, testing and everything related to back-end development in general. This project is temporarily stopped pending of a new initiative that will pop out in my head 😃


Hello Sisters!

Hello Sisters!


Currently, the participation of women and non-binary people in local and national technical events is very low, and not at all representative of the diversity of existing professionals in the software industry. However, there is also a tendency for strictly technical and responsible jobs not to be filled by diverse professionals; causing a visibility issue. Given that “you can’t be what you don’t see,” in Hello Sisters! we defend the visibility of future professionals in the technical sector.


Logic Tree Resolver

Logic Tree Resolver


I worked on this project as a result of adapting my university degree to the new degree in Computer Engineering. Web Application that implements Ken Watanabe's book "Problem Solving 101" strategies in order to solve problems cooperatively and analytically, allowing diagrams to be modified concurrently, cooperating through feedback from other members of the organization, and keeping information on problems resolved available to the entire organization.

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